10 Games That Should Release For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Presentation is just a day away and fans are eager to know the launch game line-up for the console. Fans are expecting a lot of games that will be revealed for the upcoming console given that Nintendo has partnered with dozens of third party developers and publishers.

However, not every game we expect will launch for Nintendo Switch but there are still games that we definitely want to be released for the upcoming console. So, we are doing a list of 10 Games That Should Release for Nintendo Switch.

10 Games That Should Release for Nintendo Switch

#10- Firewatch

Firewatch is an indie title that launched in early 2016. The reason why this game should release for the upcoming console is its storytelling. The game features beautiful graphics and artistic style which we believe could be easily rendered on Nintendo Switch.

While Firewatch is a linear game but it is one of those games that just keep us engaged even when the game is finished.

#9- Life Is Strange

While the first game from developer Dontnod Entertainment was not a commercial and critical hit but they came back strong with Life Is Strange. This game features an episodic structure and tells a story of a girl Max as she gains time rewinding powers.

Life is Strange

The game has a strong story with a strong character development that can make us cry. We believe that this masterpiece should be released for Nintendo Switch.

#8- Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon Sun And Moon was an instant hit on Nintendo 3DS ever since it launched. The game features a slew of Pokemon to capture and choose from. This game should be released for Nintendo Switch because, why not? As the game is already exclusively available for Nintendo 3DS it would not be surprising if it launches for the upcoming console.

Also, there are rumors circulating the internet that suggests that developer Game Freak is already working on porting the game to Nintendo Switch and will be released under the title of Pokemon Stars.

#7- Rocket League

Rocket League is a genre of its own as Psyonix has introduced us to such a game that are rarely seen in the game industry and become successful on top of that. This game is just pure fun but still it requires skill.

This game is my personal favorite and I believe it should be on the upcoming console and given that developer Psyonix is eager for Cross-Play between consoles and PC we might see a cross-play between Switch and other consoles.

#6- Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is the only horror game on this list. While the game has not released for PC and consoles but the demo for this game has given us nightmares.

Also, recently a rumor emerged that Capcom is looking to release Resident Evil 7 for Nintendo Switch along with VR support. While the idea of VR on Nintendo Switch seems too far fetched but is the game releases for the console then it will another reason to buy Nintendo Switch.

#5- Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

This first person game made some waves back in 2014 as the game features beautiful visuals and a compelling story. However, many have raised their concern over the game being short but still the game is worth it.

Vanishing Of Ethan Carter was developed using the Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and given that Epic Games will be giving Unreal Engine 4 support on Nintendo Switch the game will not have any issues being ported to the upcoming console.

#4- NieR Automata

This list can’t be complete without an awesome game from the developer, Platinum Games. NieR Automata is an upcoming action RPG title from the studio. Given the relation between Platinum Games and Nintendo has been very smooth, it would not surprise us if the studio actually brings its game to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo and Platinum Games has also collaborated in the past for titles such as Bayonetta 2 which was a Nintendo Wii U exclusive.

#3- Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has already been released for the arcades across the Japan and now the devs are working to bring the game to PC and consoles. Tekken is one of the most popular fighting game franchises in the game industry.

Tekken 7 Cross Platform

Given that previous titles in the franchise were released for PlayStation Vita it would make sense if Bandai Namco also releases Tekken 7 for Nintendo Switch. Also, accessories for Nintendo Switch were recently leaked which also include an arcade controller and what would be the best use for this controller other than playing Tekken 7.

#2- Inside

Developer Playdead has brought the platforming games back into the spotlight with games such as Limbo and Inside. The reason we want Inside to release for Nintendo Switch is because of its dark storytelling that also conveys us a message about certain things in our world.

Inside demo

Inside is also one of the best platforming games on the market and Nintendo fans deserve to play a masterpiece like this.

#1- Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls franchise is known for its punishing but rewarding difficulty and it is also a genre of its own. Dark Souls 3 is an extremely challenging game and it would make a perfect fit on the upcoming console specifically for those players who love a good challenge.

Dark Souls 3 Ashes Of Ariandel

However, it seems a bit unlikely that From Software would take the time to port Dark Souls 3 to Nintendo Switch given that they are currently developing a new IP and also working on the second DLC for Dark Souls 3.

So, this is our list for 10 Games That Should Release For Nintendo Switch. Now, it is your turn to tell us that what game should release for the upcoming console. Let us Know in the comments.