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Street Fighter V Petition Calls for Improved Online Network

The Street Fighter V community has launched an online petition that requests Capcom to improve the game’s online network.

A strong online infrastructure is a foremost requirement for any game that dwells in multiplayer. Suffice to say, it’s just another aspect of Street Fighter V that needs to be addressed.

Most recently, producer Yoshinori Ono went on record to acknowledge that Capcom is exploring options to improve online stability in Street Fighter V. Considering the amount of time taken by the developer to tackle content-related issues since the game’s release, fans believe that a petition might help speed up the process.

The petition was created by Japanese user agomi79 and calls out to the fighting game community across the globe. While the original version is in Japanese, you can read a rough translation below.

Street Fighter V was released in February 2016. It has been almost one year, but the network connection still shuts down everyday. If you are a Street Fighter V user, you get frustrated everyday. Sometimes we don’t get LP even through we win in ranked match. Also, all users get shut down together.

We have not idea when and how Capcom will fix its network errors. We just cannot wait anymore.

We wanna enjoy more with this game. We are fighting game fans!

So, we need to change it!

Please join us and support petition. Let’s change Street Figher V for the better!

Thank you.

If you agree with the initiative and are also disappointed in the current online support from Capcom, make yourself heard by adding your name to the petition.

We’re approaching the first anniversary of Street Fighter V. In the past year, multiple updates have been released to address numerous issues. In short, the game was released without various core features that should have been there from the beginning. Capcom is doing its best to make amends but it’s a long road to convince the disappointed player-base.