Rime Gameplay Shown Off In Half-Hour Long Gameplay Video

A new gameplay trailer has come out for the puzzle game Rime, and the trailer in question gives us nearly a half hour of Rime gameplay, showing off some of the puzzles in the game along with a lot of good shots of how beautiful the game’s island looks.

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Rime, a title developed by Tequila Works, centers around a young boy that apparently washes up on the shore of a deserted island. Now in order to unravel the island’s mysteries (and likely find a way off of it) he’ll have to wander the area and solve the island’s multiple puzzles in order to find out what to do. While he does this in the gameplay trailer, he also comes across numerous glowing statues and plinths, along with a mysterious red-robed figure.

The Rime gameplay video shows off beautiful vistas of the island itself, along with crumbling but still-majestic ruins and tall structures and high cliffs. Seagulls wheel and call in the sky, and even the wild boars that serve as an obstacle to the main character only add to how quiet and serene the island is.

The puzzles actually seem fairly simple for the most part, a combination of getting an item to get around an obstacle, various platform drags, block-pushing, and more. While these are the same difficulty of puzzles as something like, say, The Witness, they can still provide a little bit of challenge in what appears to otherwise be a mostly serene game.

At the same time, the game does do a few clever things involving forced perspective, such as solving a sliding-block puzzle as dawn breaks over the island, forming two golden objects on top into a door-shape, which then reveals a doorway a short distance away.

While Rime won’t be releasing until May of this year, you can still take a look at the gameplay trailer for yourself.