Pokemon Sun and Moon End Game Content Guide – Things to do After Becoming Alola’s Champion

Pokemon Sun and Moon End Game content guide to help you learn everything you can do after you are done with the main storyline of the game.

Even after you become the champion in Alola, there are still some things that you can do before starting another run or bidding the game farewell.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon End Game Guide

In our Pokemon Sun and Moon End Game Content Guide, we have detailed all the things that you can do after you are with the singleplayer campaign of the game.

Head to Poni Grove

After you are hailed champion, head over to Poni Grove which is located on the northeast edge of Ancient Poni Path. Once there, you should be able to access some more location, capture new Pokemon, and meet new Trainers.

Revisit Earlier Locations

Once you have completed the singleplayer campaign of the game, try to revisit the earlier locations for some new rewards. In this section of the guide, I have listed everything you can acquire:

Melemele Island

  • A Lucky Egg and TM90 from Kukui
  • An Electric Seed from Mahalo Trail
  • A Dawn Stone from Guzma at Route 2
  • A King’s Rock after Defeating Principal Asuka

Akala Island

  • TM92 from Kahili
  • A Protector from Kiawe’s Dad
  • A Dragon Fang from the Cook
  • Eevium Z from the Man in the Thrifty Megamart
  • Gladion’s Letter from the Woman in Route 8 Motel
  • A Whipped Dream and a Sachet from a Team Skull Grunt
  • A Chill Drive, a Burn Drive, a Shock Drive, and a Douse Drive from Colress

Ula’Ula Island

  • A Porygon and an Up-Grade from a Couple of Aether Foundation Employees

Poni Island

  • 6 Nuggets from Sightseer Marcus
  • TM98 and TM94 from Kylie and Ashlyn
  • A Key Stone and Alakazite from Sina and Dexio

Aether Paradise

  • A Dubious Disc from Faba
  • Two Big Malasadas from Wicke
  • Silvally’s Memory Drives and Type: Null from Gladion
  • A DNA Splicer, a Prison Bottle, and a Soul Drew from Aether Foundation Employee

Catching Tapu Pokemon

There are a total of 4 Tapu that you can find in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Each of the Tapus is located on a different island and requires some work in order to be captured. You can check out our Tapu Pokemon Locations Guide for more information!

Ultra Beasts

There are 5 different Ultra Beasts in the game. In order to catch these Ultra Beasts, you need to trigger a quest followed by completing and turning in each quest in order to start the next one. You can check out our Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Locations Guide for more information on where to find all the required quests.

Participate in Battle Royal

You can participate in Battle Royal via Plaza Festival (against human players) or by heading to Battle Royal Dome. This essentially pits you against 3 other Trainers having Level 50 Pokemon. The kind of free-for-all brawl mode provides you with different rewards including additional Battle Points. You can check out our Battle Royal Guide for more information.

Complete Your Trainer Passport Stamps

Even after becoming Alola’s champion, you can collect different stamps which include:

  • Complete the Alola Pokedex
  • Complete the Poni Island Pokedex
  • Obtain version 5 of the Poke Finder
  • Complete the Akala Island Pokedex
  • Complete the Ula’ula Island Pokedex
  • Win 50 Multi Battles in the Battle Tree
  • Win 50 Single Battles in the Battle Tree
  • Win 50 Double Battles in the Battle Tree
  • Complete the Melemele Island Pokedex

Find All Zygarde Cells, Zygarde Cores, Z-Crystals, and TMs

These are different collectibles that you can find in order to earn a variety of rewards. We have dedicated an in-depth guide to each of these which can be found attached below:

This is all we have on our Pokemon Sun and Moon End Game Content Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!