Pokemon Sun and Moon Battles Can Include Previous-Gen Pokemon

Nintendo has revealed the various Pokemon Sun and Moon battles rules for Season 2’s Single, Double, and Special battles. These were revealed on the Pokemon Global Link website, and also explain which Pokemon from previous 3DS Pokemon games will be allowed to be used in Pokemon battles, though Legendary and Mythical Pokemon will be banned in normal Single and Double battles.

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Considering the Pokemon Bank is one of the most anticipated parts of the Pokemon Sun and Moon multiplayer scene, it being released for players to use is going to be changing the battle scene due to players bringing over their X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire teams to play.

These new Pokemon Sun and Moon battles also get a variety of different rules like dealing with draws as a result of movies that deal recoil damage or damage to both Pokemon (such as weather effects or moves like Take Down or Perish Song) and more. The rules also talk about the Battle Timer, which helps to keep battles moving at a reasonable pace so that players can’t keep one another waiting while they wait to “choose a move.”

When the timer runs out, there’s also a variety of results that can happen. If a time-out happens in both players’s turns, winners will be determined based on everything ranging from which player has the most HP, the most Pokemon remaining, or the most HP across all of their remaining Pokemon. There is also a draw condition, where neither player has any Pokemon left at the end of the timer.

Pokemon Sun and Moon battles also have rules for other contests, such as players being penalized for using modified Pokemon, repeatedly disconnecting, hacking, and more.

So, if you’re one of those kinds of Pokemon players that likes entering competitions to battle with your Pokemon, you can take a look at the Global Link website to look at the rules for yourself.