New Sea of Thieves Video Shows Us Treasure-Hunting In Co-Op

A new Sea of Thieves video has been published by Rare, showing off how the game’s co-op focus is worked into one of the most piratical of activities: treasure-hunting. The three minute long video talks fans through the process of treasure hunting, including sailing to the island and selling off the loot you get.

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Sea of Thieves has been one of the most talked-about upcoming games in recent years, mainly because Rare is developing it after a good number of years of silence or mediocre games. Promising swashbuckling action that you can play with your friends, Sea of Thieves promises a great deal of adventure for players and their friends.

In the new Sea of Thieves video, a normal treasure hunt is given a walk-through as players take a ship to an island to uncover buried treasure. To start off with, you have to find the island it’s buried on. In order to do this, multiple people are required, as the world map table is located in the middle of the ship, down a level, so the person acting as wheelsman (the person who steers the ship) can’t just look it up. Another person has to go down to the map and call up what direction players need to go in.

Once players have gotten to the island and dug up the treasure, they’ll need to keep it safe while they head somewhere that they can sell it. Since the game is based on piracy, there’s likely going to be a number of other players or NPs that want your treasure for themselves, so you’ll have to protect it from any ships that might want to sink yours and take the treasure for themselves.

However, once that is done, you can sell the booty to anyone that’ll buy it, and use the money to upgrade your ship and buy new things.

To see the new Sea of Thieves video for yourself, you can find it at the top of this article.