League of Legends Patch 7.1 Reduces Jungle XP Gains to Prevent Level Advantage

The latest League of Legends Patch 7.1 is reducing the experience rewards gained from jungle camps to prevent level advantages over Summoners in lanes.

In its quest to give junglers early-game presence, Riot Games seemingly went a little too far and shifted the weights of balance.

The periodical strengthening of the jungle has led to the present situation where junglers can gain significant level advantage over others through successful ganks.

Patch 7.1 addresses this issue by making sure that the only way an enemy jungler is multiple levels ahead of you is if you seriously messed up.

Monster Experience Rewards

  • First Clear: Murkwolf, Raptor, Krug, and Gromp camps grant 25% less experience (stacks additively with Ancient Krug’s 50% reduced experience)
  • Blue Sentinel: 210 > 200
  • Red Brambleback: 210 > 200
  • Gromp: 210 > 200
  • Krugs: 45 > 35
  • Lesser Krugs: 15 > 7
  • Crimson Raptor: 15 > 20
  • Raptors: 15 > 35

In terms of early-game presence, changes being introduced with Patch 7.1 will have no real impact on the initial run. Clearing the first buff and two smaller camps will still get you to level 3. However, it will take six camps now to reach level 4, opposed to the present five.

Riot Games hopes that toning down experience and gold rewards from the jungle will bring the role in line with what should be expected from early-game champions.

That being said, the new jungle changes shouldn’t be necessarily seen as a nerf. Sure, there will be a slight reduction in ganks. However, the changes will help ensure that early games are not decided solely through the jungle. In other words, players now have the opportunity of catching up to an enemy jungler who has won the early game for his/her team.

Riot Games has assured that it will continue to monitor the jungle for the first few League of Legends patches of the year. Any further tinkering (if required) will probably be shared with the League of Legends community for feedback. Until then, enjoy the changes.