League of Legends Patch 7.1 Brings Massive ADC Buffs

The past month has seen the League of Legends community strongly debate over the underwhelming role of marksmen and how the related champions lack power. In response, Riot Games is introducing significant buffs with the latest Patch 7.1 to three marksmen that are in dire need of attention.

Draven, Kalista, and Lucian should have a greater impact in the game once the new patch is out. Undoubtedly, the buffs listed in the official patch notes will be monitored by the developer to influence changes for the other AD Carry champions in the future.
Q (Spinning Axe) now carries a base damage that scales off bonus attack damage. This should fill the void left behind ever since Youmuu’s Ghostblade was toned down. This also means that Draven is back with monstrous lane-trading power during the early game.

His W (Blood Rush) has also been improved at higher levels to feature a reduced mana cost.

She may have disappeared from the Rift but the latest Patch 7.1 promises her return in a big way. Her E (Rend) now allows basic attacks as well as Q (Pierce) to add a spear to enemies while the ability is off cooldown. In other words, Kalista can keep stacking spears on enemy targets at all times. Additionally, it requires only one unit-kill for its mana refund.

According to Riot Games, the buffs are aimed at making her more appealing for new players by reducing the learning curve.

His passive (Lightslinger) now does increased damage at early levels to counter the recent Fervor and armor penetration changes. This should help Lucian in dueling enemy champions in-lane, the way he used to once upon a time. Additionally, the base damage on Q (Piercing Light) is going up at higher levels. Combined with his improved passive, Lucian’s damage output should see a healthy increase.

Riot Games’ focus is to help ADC champions feel viable during the early and mid-game duration, without having to fall back on late-game item choices. The ADC buffs are certainly warming to see. Once Patch 7.1 hits the live League of Legends servers, we’ll have a better understanding to where the three marksmen stand in their present roles.