Compulab Airtop Mini PC Can Be Configured With A GTX 1060

The Compulab Airtop Mini PC is not a desktop, it’s not a laptop, it is an airtop. If that makes any sense. What it is, is a small form factor PC that can be configured to house a GTX 1060. We have seen that there has also been a mini version of the GTX 1080 so there would be no surprise if there was a version that came with a GTX 1080 sometime in the future. If you like free space on your desk and value portability then this could be something you should consider.

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There are four versions of the Compulab Airtop Mini PC and the cool thing is that they are passively cooled as well. This means no fans, no noise, and great gaming performance. But the thing is that this system will cost you a lot of money. The barebones version of the Compulab Airtop Mini PC that has nothing inside will cost you $1000. The GTX 1060 version of the Compulab Airtop Mini PC will cost at least $ 1,700.

Compulab Airtop Mini PC


If you thought that this was going to be cheap then you were wrong. Passive cooling is a relatively new concept and I doubt that this technology will be getting cheaper any time soon. But it is interesting to see that this solution provides noise free cooling. If you are touchy about noise and have the money in the bank then you can opt for the Compulab Airtop Mini PC.

These systems can be equipped with 32 GB of RAM. You have four SATA ports for storage and dual M.2 slots. If you want to use this as a workstation then you can also install a Quadro M4000 in this case. Keeping all this in mind this will be a very niche product but seeing how this has been in production for some time now I am sure that there are companies that find this worth the purchase.