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Can Sony Swoop In to Save Scalebound? The Million Dollar Question

First things first, Scalebound is a Microsoft owned IP so Sony can not release and publish Scalebound on PlayStation 4.

Well, Microsoft often wakes up in the morning and wonders how to shoot itself in the foot this time. We all know how they handled the Xbox One’s launch and pre-launch revealings. We also know that there is a definite lack of first party studios and hardly any major new IP is in development for Xbox right now. Pretty much all exclusives are “console exclusives,” and even they aren’t guaranteed a release.

Scalebound was in development at Platinum Games and they worked on the project for a long time. This was probably their biggest project and we can understand how the development team would be feeling right now.

All that hard work will go down the drain but should it? Is there any way to save Scalebound? Well, Microsoft owns the IP so there is no way Sony can publish it on PlayStation 4. However, a very interesting scenario popped up in our heads when a reader mentioned Sony and Scalebound in the same sentence.

Back in 2007, Activision approached United Front Games to develop a title that will compete with Rockstar’s Red Dead and GTA series. In early 2008, United Front Games took the project into early development. The game was known as Black Lotus at the time but Activision insisted that it be made “True Crime: Hong Kong” due to the similarities it had with the tv series.

Sales of previous True Crime games were disappointing but Activision believed that Black Lotus has the potential to revitalize the franchise. Activision made the game public in 2009 as “True Crime: Hong Kong.”

However, in 2010 Activision announced the cancellation of the project and nearly put United Front out of business. Activision had the rights so United Front could not continue working on the project.

But they still didn’t give up and kept their hard work safe.

Square Enix came to the rescue and partnered with United Front Games to develop Black Lotus once again. Only this time, the project was named “Sleeping Dogs.” Sleeping Dogs released on consoles and PC, it was a moderate hit and a game that deserved a sequel. United Front used the same assets and concept, made minor changes here and there and released the title with Square Enix under a different name.

Can this be done with Scalebound? Should Sony swoop in to save the project, work with Platinum Games and release Scalebound under a different name?

Take to the comments below and let us know what you think.