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Should You Wait For AMD Vega Cards To Come Out Or Buy One Already?

Nvidia Pascal GTX 10 series GPUs have been incredibly successful. If you went out to buy one after launch it would be no surprise if you came back empty handed. But now there is new hype surrounding the new AMD Vega architecture and if you did not buy a Pascal GPU or the RX series GPU in 2016 the question is should you wait for AMD Vega cards or Polaris 12 GPUs or are you better off buying a GPU now? We are going to try and answer that question for you.

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The question here is how much money are you going to spend on your next GPU? If you are looking for a high-end GPU that will be competing with the GTX 1080 then you should opt for Vega. From what we have seen so far Vega will be competing with the GTX 1080 and from what we have seen it will offer about 10% more performance.

AMD Vega Cards

AMD Vega cards will feature HBM2 memory that is great for gaming but it does come at a high cost. This means that these GPUs will not be for the mid-range gamers. Mid-range gamers could be better off waiting for Polaris 12 as we have already seen the RX 500 series GPU featured in laptops at CES 2017. These GPUs could be based on Polaris 12 but that has yet to be confirmed.

If you are going to be buying something mid-ranged then you would be better off buying a GPU now. There is still a lot of time before we hear something about Polaris 12 and I think that you will be fine buying a budget GPU now and getting something new by the end of the year or the start of 2018.

AMD Vega Cards

AMD Vega cards will be aimed at 4K gaming and enthusiasts. This is AMDs way of telling competitors that they can make a high-end GPU as well. In that regard, we hope that AMD Vega cards will be worth it. What do you think about AMD Vega cards?