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Petrifying Cinematic Trailer Teases Long-Awaited Warwick Remake

The long-awaited Warwick remake is finally here, debuting through a petrifying cinematic trailer that teases the nightmarish Wrath of Zaun.

This has to be the most well-done trailer ever released by Riot Games for League of Legends. It’s beautiful, horrifying, and beautifully horrifying.

The video shows two men deep within the streets of Zaun. They seemed to have arrived with the intention of hunting down the engineered beast. However, it’s they themselves who soon become the hunted.

During the tense escape of the would-be hunters, we get glimpses of the ravaging creature. The Warwick remake boasts significant augmentations, brandishing a giant claw with tubes and equipment sticking out from the back. It’s a cyborg, wedding cold steel with animal instincts.

Based on how the teaser trailer concludes, Warwick is getting a different sort of gap closer that might change how his R (Infinite Duress) works. From the looks of it, he is retaining his E (Blood Scent), but the rest of his abilities are probably being changed entirely.

The cinematic teaser of the upcoming Warwick remake arrives just days after Riot Games updated its Universe. The new addition to the League of Legends lore tells a tale from the point of view of Singed, as he narrates an ongoing experiment of his. Accompanying images of his lab and concept illustrations of machine-like upgrades strongly pointed towards a reworked origin story of how Warwick came to be.

The developer had already confirmed last month that the Warwick update would arrive early this year before the next new champion. As such, we should be getting a detailed post this week that explains the werewolf’s new kit and abilities.