Street Fighter V Glitch Reverts Balrog to Season 1 Version

A new Street Fighter V glitch has just surfaced that allows you to play Balrog from the very first season in the game’s online mode.

To clarify, the second season of Street Fighter V introduced numerous changes. This includes balance tweaks, as well as input changes, to the existing roster of characters. While the game may have changed with the new season, data from the previous season is still resting somewhere within the game’s code. It’s assumed that Capcom never removed the older data to ensure users would still be able to access replays from the first season.

The aforementioned Street Fighter V glitch somehow disregards the season two version of Balrog and instead calls upon the Balrog from the first season. In a recent stream, Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez came across the glitch in one of his online ranked matches.

Upon release, Balrog’s Screw Smash was executed with a charge motion. In season two, this input was changed to a Dragon Punch (F, D, DF). During his match, PR Balrog realized that he could not perform the move with the newly changed input motion.

It’s unknown as to just how the Street Fighter V glitch is activated. One theory dictates that it happens when a player disconnects during the loading screen before a match, while another suggests that it’s simply a hidden input that players are coming across now.

As such, an official response from Capcom is pending. Since the glitch was just discovered, it may take time for the developer to clarify what is exactly happening here. In the mean time, if you happen to run across the exact method of reproducing the glitch, do share it with us.