South Korean High School Students Create Makeshift Overwatch VR

A group of South Korean high school students have been able to create an Overwatch VR game through the use of sensors and a Samsung VR headset, allowing players to play as Soldier 76. While there’s no indication Blizzard wants a virtual-reality version of Overwatch yet, this is still pretty cool.

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Overwatch took the shooter world by storm last year when Blizzard released it around May, and it has only kept the game going with a variety of various character releases and new maps. Since then players have come across a wide variety of different ways to play the game, whether through custom game modes or various different methods of control.

For instance, there’s various players that have made controllers out of things like bananas, a Nerf bow, and more. The Overwatch VR headset that the students put together recently is one of the most recent of these, though it’s likely the most complicated.

The controller for the VR play included a Samsung VR headset, a smartphone, an IBM sensor, and a special, customized gun controller. All of this together is combined to make the game playable in VR, and can essentially make you feel like Soldier 76 himself; you even tap the VR headset in order to activate the Tactical Visor ultimate, the same way Soldier does in-game.

However, as you can expect, the bamboo-technology Overwatch VR setup has a number of flaws. The game setup has a significant amount of input lag (which can spell death for players in fast-paced games like Overwatch or Call of Duty or Battlefield), and the headset tap to activate your ultimate isn’t as intuitive for other ultimates like Reinhardt or D.Va, so that also needs to be balanced to remove the advantage that Soldier has.

Even if Overwatch VR isn’t really going to be a thing in the near future, it’s still a neat concept to deal with and could show a lot of promise if Blizzard ever decides to pick up on it.