Second Dark Souls 3 DLC Name And Location Discovered By A Data Miner

Fans of the Souls franchise are eagerly waiting for the second Dark Souls 3 DLC to release. The game has already got its first of the two DLCs and it has been a while since Ashes Of Ariandel launched. While the devs don’t want to talk about it right now but a data miner has discovered the name for the second Dark Souls 3 DLC.

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According to YouTuber Sanadsk, he has data mined Dark Souls 3 files and found the name for the second Dark Souls 3 DLC. According to the report, the name for the second Dark Souls 3 DLC is “The City Of The Dead”.

The YouTuber noted that the name was found multiple times in the game’s files and has been referred to as DLC2. The data-miner further suggests that the DLC will take place in Londor which is mentioned in Dark Souls 3 to a great detail.

However, players are still skeptical about the upcoming DLC for Dark Souls 3 as many complained that Ashes of Ariandel was very short and had very little single player content. But From Software has assured fans that the second DLC will have more singleplayer content.

Also, studio president Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that Dark Souls 3 marks the end of the series as a whole.

It’s time to move away from the Dark Souls franchise. As president of From Software, I’m not completely denying the possibility of bringing back the franchise in the future. There could be someone else in my company who wants to work on new installments. But we believe that the series will end after the two DLC.

However, Miyazaki suggested that fans will most likely see “HD Remakes” of older games in the series for new consoles.

Dark Souls 3 is an open-world action RPG developed by From Software for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.