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New Overwatch Voice Lines Hint Valentine’s Day Event and Genji/Mercy Romance

Valentine’s Day is just a month away and as expected, it seems like Blizzard has yet another event planned for Overwatch for Valentine’s Day.

Overwatch PTR players have uncovered some new voice lines, expected to be added to the game in the Valentine’s Day update and probably unlockable through themed loot chests.

Among those lines is a conversation between Genji and Mercy and it reveals something which is going to be talked about for a long time considering how passionate the community is about the love life of Overwatch characters (Tracer being a lesbian is one recent example).

The uncovered voice lines reveal that Genji and Mercy might have feelings for each other as they both offer chocolates to the other one, (Swiss and non-swiss).

This may come as a sad news to the community members who wished to see Mercy with someone else, or at least the other Shimada brother, Hanzo.

Makes sense considering Mercy/Dr. Angela is the one who saved Genji’s life when he was on the brink of death after fighting with Hanzo and she is the one who turned him into a cyborg, prior to the events of the “Dragons” animated short.

Some more voice lines reveal a conversation between Genji and Hanzo as well, discussing chocolates of course. Either Hanzo is salty in those or he really doesn’t care about chocolates and all he needs is his sake.

There are also some other voice lines, datamined from the PTR version of the game and not all of them relate to Valentine’s Day. In some of them, various characters talk about their New Year’s Resolutions such as D.Va’s resolution to catch up on a backlog of games (don’t we all need to do that?)

There is no word on the exact date as to when the Overwatch Valentine’s Day event will go live but traditionally, such events have lasted for at least a week so fans can expect the big update sometime in early February.