Nintendo Switch Reviews Posted on Amazon, Retailer Needs to Change Its Policy

Nintendo Switch reviews won’t be available on publications until after the machine is out. However, Amazon users have taken it upon themselves to write over 80 reviews already for Nintendo’s latest machine.

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People are giving the console five stars just because it “looks good.” At the same time, many are giving it one star because they don’t like the concept or Nintendo as a company. This should not be the case, Amazon should not allow users to post reviews without even owning the product.

Steam’s user reviews are a great example as Valve does not allow players to post reviews without playing the game. If you don’t own a copy of the title, you can not post a review. Amazon needs to change its policy for reviewing unreleased products. Nintendo is in the middle of the most crucial hardware release in the company history and negative reviews can hurt. Meanwhile, positive reviews can become misleading to the novice.

According to the announcement made earlier, Nintendo Switch presentation is being held on January 12 and January 13 in Tokyo. The company will cover a number of different topics during the presentation. We are expecting a detailed discussion about Nintendo Switch specs and what they console is capable of.

We have to wait and see what the machine is like before we pass opinions, both positive or negative, on any forum.

On a related subject, Nintendo Switch presentation plans are leaked online. IGN France posted an image by accident that gave away many major announcements.