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New Stormblood Information Comes For Final Fantasy 14

A variety of new Stormblood information has come out for Square Enix’s massive multiplayer online game Final Fantasy 14. Stormblood will be the game’s second expansion, after the expansion Heavensward came out in 2015. The new expansion promises a new storyline, new classes, a new region, and even a new raid for players to go on.

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The information came from the 2016 fan festival of the game, where the expansion’s producer Naoki Yoshida gave out a large amount of new Stormblood information. To begin with, along with the new classes of Samurai and Dancer, there will also be another job, the Red Mage.

The Red Mage, unlike the healing-focused White Mage and the damage-focused Black Mage, can not only use spells from both classes, but can also equip armor and weapons that the other two types of mages can’t.

Along with that, the region of Ala Migho (where the expansion is going to be taking place) will be having a large amount of new enemies and player activities to go through. Players will be encountering the new Anata race of enemies, a new raid (called “The Bend of Time”) and a new Covenant raid, called “Return to Ivalice”.

Whatever that will mean has yet to be revealed, but if it promises a return to the world of Ivalice (taking us back to Final Fantasy 12 and possibly other games taking place in the world) then it will likely be good.

Also included in the new Stormblood information included a few, more minor additions: players that get Stormblood will be able to swim and dive to pass through areas of Eorzea seamlessly, without having to get on a boat and suffer through a loading screen.

Also, finally, there’s the matter of the Stormblood theme music. It will be composed by Nobuo Uematsu, the same genius that wrote the “Answers” song (which made its appearance in the “A Realm Reborn” trailer, and wrote One Winged Angel.

Stormblood still doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll likely be getting one hopefully in the coming months.