New Morrowind Map Discovered By Dataminer In Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online has gotten a brand new Morrowind map discovered by a dataminer, but exactly what that new map may be used for has yet to be announced by Bethesda. The map in question was discovered by the dataminer FloorBelow, who came across the map and posted the info on NeoGAF.

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According to the new Morrowind map, the region of Vvardenfell, the big island that takes up most of Morrowind and that holds the Red Mountain volcano might be coming to the game at some point. Currently Vvardenfell is inaccessible in the game. You can see it from the Stonefalls region, but currently the island can’t be traveled to.

Considering that Vvardenfell is a massive part of Morrowind, it being added to the game via an expansion pack would bring a whole lot of content with it.

According to FloorBelow, the new Morrowind map includes a variety of architectural styles (sans Imperial), but even with the map coming out, some areas of Vvardenfell remain inaccessible. This includes Red Mountain, the aforementioned volcano, and the Sheogorad Archipelago in the northern part of Morrowind.

FloorBelow says that, compared to Wrothgar and Stonefalls, Vvardenfell will be the largest Player-Versus-Environment area in the game so far, and might even be twice the size of Stonefalls.

While there’s no indication of when Bethesda will announce that Vvardenfell is being added to Morrowind any time soon, it’s possible that they’ll announce it sometime this year, as 2017 would be the fifteenth anniversary of Morrowind being released, as it came out in 2002. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait until the map, if it’s real, will be announced. Either way, we can hopefully look forward to Vvardenfell being released sometime this year.