New Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gameplay Trailer Shows Variety of Routes

A new Ghost Recon: Wildlands gameplay trailer has shown off how players can split up to cover a variety of different routes when on missions, according to a video that showed off an extraction mission that involved each player doing different things to ensure the mission is a success.

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands takes players to a different environment than most games, sending a four-man team into the South American country of Bolivia in order to take down a network of drug cartels. This means attacking cartel bases, extracting (and interrogating or killing) vital targets, and more, as you go through an open world environment.

In the new Ghost Recon: Wildlands gameplay trailer, the Ghost team in question is infiltrating a cartel base to extract a target. While one player plays sniper and takes out sentries around the base, another player sneaks in from ground level and the other two fly a helicopter into the base, where one then jumps out and parachutes down to extract the target.

Meanwhile, the player remaining in the helicopter kicks up a ruckus, using the side gun to cover the escape of the other players before lifting off himself.

The gameplay trailer is only around a minute long, but what we get in that minute is still a good amount of content and an indication of just how interesting and fast missions can be if they’re undertaken with a good, coordinated team. While a lot of the game’s players (if they play multiplayer) may not make a mission look that smooth, the open-endedness of the game will still likely allow players the opportunity to come up with their own ways to undertake a mission.

If you want to see the new Ghost Recon: Wildlands gameplay trailer for yourself, you can look at the top of this article. Otherwise, the game will be releasing March 7 of this year on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.