Content Creators Will Be Able To Monetize Videos On Facebook Soon

For as long as I can remember YouTube has been the number one site for video creators and let’s play gamers. People that shared their videos on Facebook could never get anything out of it until now.

Facebook has been aggressively trying to become a video platform and reports claim that 100 million hours of video have been watched in a day. This is an impressive number. Content creators will now be able to monetize videos.

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Monetize Videos

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has banned pre-roll ads and users will only be able to place ads in the middle of the videos. Publishers will be paid if the ads are watched for 20 seconds. Facebook will be keeping 45% of the revenue. That is the same that YouTube keeps.

Monetize Videos

This will be helpful to content creators that are looking to monetize videos. Now when people share their videos on Facebook they will be able to earn some money from shared videos as well.

This may open some doors for content creators and help people make a living out of making videos. Not that people are already doing it, but this could make things a lot easier.

BuzzFeed has had a go at this and they have been able to make a pretty penny from this feature. Later on, this will be made available to other people as well. Would you monetize videos on Facebook if you had the option to do so?