Mass Effect Andromeda PC Preload Begins Mid-March

Mass Effect Andromeda PC preload date is announced so it is time to prepare ourselves for the biggest RPG of 2017. Bioware has confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda PC preload will begin on March 17.

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This means that users will have 4 days before the game unlocks. Mass Effect Andromeda is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well but preload times are yet to be confirmed. PC users can log in to EA Origin on March 17 to download the game and start playing on March 21.

Bioware also confirmed that there won’t be any Season Pass for Mass Effect Andromeda. EA is making some changes to its DLC policy, the company did not offer a season pass for Titanfall 2 and same is going to the case with Mass Effect Andromeda. The company offered free DLC to users after the release of Titanfall 2 players.

We don’t expect to see EA offering free DLC to Andromeda players but most of it will be a part of free updates.

On a related note, EA has confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda PC will have an uncapped frame rate. What you need is a strong card and you can go as high as you wish to. Of course, it is going to be a demanding game so a high-end card would be needed to go over 60.

Meanwhile, console versions are going to be locked at 30 FPS with a resolution of 900p (Xbox One) and 1080p (PS4). Mass Effect: Andromeda is releasing on March 21 on consoles and PC.

For more on Mass Effect Andromeda, stay-tuned!