Prepare To Play As Aloy With Horizon: Zero Dawn Tutorial Video

Can’t get enough of this game? Horizon: Zero Dawn tutorial video is everything you need.

This tutorial has been uploaded by Youtuber NGIN and it shows, in a deeper way, the most important elements of the game’s gameplay, including crafting, fights and mounting.

It’s not so different from the material already available on the net, but it’s always interesting to see things from a different point of view.

Horizon: Zero Dawn tutorial video can be found below.

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However, pre-order for this game in Japan are probably below Sony’s expectations, since the company is offering free Horizon Zero Dawn Limited Edition Upgrade both for digital and retail copies.

Those who pre-order the game before its release can get the following content: Nora Lookout Outfit + Bow + Nora Machine Trapper Pack, Carja Storm Ranger Outfit + Bow + Carja Trader Pack, Banuk Trailblazer Outfit + Bow + Banuk Traveler Pack, Exclusive PS4 Theme, Digital Artbook “The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn”.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is surely one of the most anticipated games of 2017, since its gameplay and story look promising.

Mathis de Jonge, director of Horizon Zero Dawn, talked about these elements during a chat with Gameinformer.

We’ve been working at this concept from the prospective of a developer, thinking about what kind of elements could work with this game. And then we’ve added everything you see in it. We haven’t said from the start that this will be an RPG, and it necessarily needs to have these features. It was always decided that we should have worked on the concept, adding elements based on what’s best for this project.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an adventure-RPG developed by Guerrilla Games for PS4. It will release on February 28, 2017.