All Heroes of the Storm Characters Are Going Free This Weekend

Blizzard has announced a special weekend event for Heroes of the Storm in celebration of the game’s achievements in the past year.

Between January 13-16, the entire roster of heroes in the game will be unlocked for the community. According to the announcement, players from all regions can log in during the weekend to try out any of the characters for free.

“Now is the time to hop in and find a new favorite Hero, check out some new team compositions with friends, and celebrate the new year in the Nexus,” exclaimed the developer.

Heroes of the Storm typically features ten free characters in a rotation that changes weekly, but the rest of them are locked behind a pay-wall. Players must pay a one-time fee to unlock a desired character, which is usually seen as a bane for the free-to-play model.

Resources are always scarce and players must be absolutely sure of what character to unlock. This weekend, Blizzard is giving everyone the opportunity of trying out the entire roster for free. Doing so will help players decide for themselves what heroes deserve to be in their list of unlocked characters.

Do note that all characters will return behind the pay-wall once the event is over.

Heroes of the Storm boasts a total of 60 heroes, including the latest addition of the World of Warcraft troll warlord Zul’jin. That’s a lot of heroes to go through on a weekend.

Elsewhere, Blizzard released a video that recaps the happenings of Heroes of the Storm in the last year. It covers all the major content and add-on updates for the multiplayer online battle arena title.