New GTA Online Update Brings Big Discounts On Vehicles And Executive Offices

It seems that Rockstar is ready to release yet another vehicle focused DLC for GTA Online if the recent discounts and loading screens are any indication.

It has been reported that some new discounts and bonuses have popped up in GTA Online to highlight some promotions for an upcoming event and it seems they have been activated in advance instead of the usual late Tuesday release.

The discounts are focused on some of the most expensive vehicles in GTA Online as well as other perks.

As part of the Executive DLC, the Executive Offices are getting a 50% discount which means all the offices for CEOs, which usually start at $1 million, are now discounted at half the price. Along with the offices, office interiors are also discounted by 25% to stylise the place at a cheaper price.

The discounts also include a 50% price reduction on the HVY Insurgent vehicle for some armour and firepower to protect the players.

The biggest discounts are however on the Yachts with all of them getting a 50% discount which is huge considering each yacht in the game costs above $6 million which means players will be saving a ton of cash by buying them during this offer.

Last month, Rockstar released the Import/Export DLC update for GTA Online and there were reports that it would further build upon the same DLC with more similar content in the form of new vehicles and game modes.

It seems like that is what this new update might be about as the Rockstar Twitter account also revealed earlier today that the new Progen Itali GTB was available at Benny’s auto shop in GTA Online.

Modders have also been busy making sure GTA V stays relevant for as long as possible, despite having been released more than 3 years ago. Their latest attempt is recreating the entire Liberty City in GTA V.