Glacier White PS4 Slim Announced, Launching Later This Month For The Same Price

Sony has announced a new Glacier White PS4 Slim console, finally allowing interested people an option of colors to choose from.

Announced as part of their celebration of the cold winter months, the Glacier White PS4 Slim will be available to purchase later this month.

The white color scheme isn’t actually the first time Sony has changed the color for their latest console as the original “fat” PS4 also had a white model released a while after the initial launch. The new Glacier White PS4 Slim just follows its example.

The new console, CUH-2000 model, will be available in Japan and Asia on 23rd January while a Europe launch is scheduled for 24th. There is no mention of a launch date for North America but most probably the console will get a launch in that region and around the same date.

As for storage, PAL regions will get only 500GB model for now while Japan will get both 500GB as well as 1TB storage for the Glacier White PS4 Slim.

Similar to the previous PS4 console, the prices will be identical to the Jet Black version.

The console will also come bundled with the white DualShock 4 controller, which isn’t any different from the already available white controller.

Judging by the images released, Glacier White PS4 Slim seems to be the color one should get if they are about to purchase a PS4 Slim.

The smaller form factor of the slim console goes really well with the white color unlike the black one.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has also released a trailer announcing the console.

The video shows the console encased in ice to go along with the whole Glacier theme and slowly thawing out. Not sure if Sony realized that their console already runs so hot and loud that it might actually thaw out an ice casing if it were to be frozen.