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GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Will Be Coming This PAX East

With Nvidia done with its convention part at CES 2017, and left out completely the much awaited GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, new news is in the wind that GeForce GTX 1080 Ti will be coming this PAX East event, according to an employee.

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The source news came from the interview with an Nvidia AIB (authorized Board Partners) employee. However, the identity remains unknown for obvious reasons. Additionally, the employee gave away extra information on GeForce GTX 1080Ti. He mentioned that from day one, the GTX 1080 Ti will be available for the purchase from all the vendors. In other words, you can buy AIB variants of GTX 1080 Ti from day one of availability.

Now, the question that rises is why Nvidia delayed the launch or even not showcased GTX 1080 Ti at CES 2017? Well, there are certain marketing moves which Nvidia is keeping up against its competitor AMD.  First, AMD showed off VEGA GPU architecture, which surely has the potential to dethrone Nvidia’s GTX 1080. But, only once a VEGA designed GPU lands in market. This is scheduled for first half of 2017. Until that happens and AMD comes on top, Nvidia is holding horses till then to surprise launch 1080 Ti.

Second, the current top-tier Nvidia cards: TITAN X PASCAL and GeForce GTX 1080 are already milking enough of money. So, Nvidia has no rational reason to launch another high-end graphics card. Because, doing so will result in a vague move.

Third, the price point of upcoming VEGA based GPU of AMD. It is known fact that Nvidia graphics cards cost much more than AMD. But, that was before VEGA design. What if AMD launches a graphics card with VEGA architecture that is so costly one prefers other card over it. Nvidia maybe holding GTX 1080 Ti until AMD reveals the price point of its first AMD VEGA based GPU. So that, Nvidia can throw a reasonable price for upcoming GTX 1080 Ti in the face of VEGA GPU.

Whatever the reasons be, Nvidia surely has a marketing stunt waiting to pull at right time. Meanwhile, the source news is a sigh of relief, knowing that GeForce GTX 1080 Ti will be coming this PAX East. PAX East is due on March 10-12, 2017. Do not miss out.