Counter Logic Gaming Embraces Hearthstone for the First Time

North American esports organization Counter Logic Gaming is expanding its brand into Blizzard’s popular card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Earlier today, the organization welcomed Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen, Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert, and Kim “Surrender” Jung-soo to its competitive family. All three players are former members of Natus Vincere and hailed as some of the best in the Hearthstone business.

“With this lineup we believe we have one of the strongest Hearthstone rosters in esports,” reads the official announcement. “They fit right into the CLG culture as hard working players that love to have fun while playing.”

Xixo had a strong showing last year as the highest ranked Hearthstone player on the GosuGamers ladder. He won StarSeries Season 2 and defeated Jon “Orange” Westberg in the European WESG qualifiers to place first. Hoej won the Viagame House Cup in 2015 and placed 3rd in both Dreamhack Winter 2015 and Summer 2016. Surrender won OGN Hearthstone Masters Season 2, placed second in Season 3, and 3rd in the OGN Hearthstone Seoul World Cup Invitational.

2016 saw a number of esports organizations back away from competitive Hearthstone, including Na`Vi which released its entire roster in September. This is the first time that Counter Logic Gaming is embracing competitive Hearthstone, despite the game releasing over two years ago. Perhaps CLG was just waiting for a lucrative moment to appear, and so it did in the form of a formidable trio.

We’ll see if the roster is able to achieve the same success with its new family as it did in previous years.

CLG has big plans for 2017. Last month, it picked up the entire roster of The 1 Percent as its new Overwatch team. The management is hoping that its newly acquired roster will be successful in qualifying for the year’s highly anticipated Overwatch League. With a guaranteed baseline minimum salary for players, as well as other benefits, there is a lot on the line for the Overwatch esports community.