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Attack on Titan Editor Arrested For Allegedly Murdering Wife

The original editor of Attack on Titan, Jung-hyun Park has reportedly been arrested by the police for allegedly murdering his wife.

The now 41-year-old Jung was the first chief editor of the Attack on Titan manga back when it started in 2009 and then moved on to other things last year in June as part of the editorial department for the manga Weekly Morning.

According to local news, Jung had phoned the emergency services on 9th August last year saying that his wife had collapsed. First responders found her in an unexplained state that didn’t seem to corroborate with Jung’s account. Her back was to the foot of the stairs and she had light scratches on her face.

Park told the police that she had fallen down the stairs however investigation later revealed that the cause of death was actually suffocation due to pressure around her throat, suggesting strangling.

The Attack on Titan editor later changed his story and said that his 38-year-old wife had actually committed suicide by hanging herself on the staircase’s handrail. After investigation, police couldn’t find enough evidence to support Park’s claim of suicide which suggested foul play.

Park’s manga, Attack on Titan has so far sold more than 60 million copies since its launch. There have been a total of 21 compilation books published that feature different issues of the manga.

Attack on Titan is set in a fantasy world where humans have walled themselves inside cities to survive against large humanoids who eat those who venture outside the city, occasionally attacking the city itself.

The manga’s immense popularity resulted in it getting an anime adaption as well, the second season of which is expected to begin this year. Attack on Titan has also spawned a couple of games, although pretty much all of them have been met with lackluster response.