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Artwork Revealed For An Unreleased Exotic Launcher From Destiny

A new piece of art from Destiny has surfaced courtesy of Travis Brady, an artist who worked on Bungie’s shared world FPS showcasing an exotic rocket launcher he had worked on but was never actually included in the game.

Dubious Volley, the exotic launcher Brady had worked upon looks somewhat like a space shuttle. According to Destiny database, had the launcher been included in Taken King, it would have had two perks: Dubious Ordnance which delivers high-energy volley of explosives and Dubious Munitions which results in kills from the fired volley adding another round to already on-going volley.

It is unclear at this moment why the weapon was never included in the game as there has been no word from Brady or the development staff at Bungie on the subject.

It is possible, given how the launcher was supposed to fire a volley of rockets, it wasn’t included in the game simply because of the work required to get all the rockets working as well as to balance things out since 4-5 rockets fired at the same time on a target can be pretty overpowering.

Content being cut from a game prior to launch isn’t exactly a new thing and Destiny is no exception. In fact, when the game launched, content shown in dev diaries not being present in the game was one of the major criticisms against Destiny.

Dubious Volley is just one such example among a lot of other exotics which were even shown during the road to release of The Taken King expansion but were never actually added in the game.

However, some of those things have made their way into Destiny in later updates, such as the addition of Transversive Steps being added in Rise of Iron so it is possible Dubious Volley might get an eventual release as well.

All the images of the rocket launcher can be seen here on Travis’ ArtStation page.