AMD Radeon Loom, A Stitch In Real-time Introduced For 360 Deg Video

It is 2017 and if you do not know what 360-degree video is by now then you have been living under a rock and you need to check it out. It was a big hype in 2016 and the trend caught on. It has been estimated that this industry will be worth $11.5 Billion. This is where AMD Radeon Loom comes in, let me explain.

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AMD Radeon Loom

In order to make 360-degree videos, you need 2-24 cameras that capture video. The more cameras you have the better the resolution and at the end, you need to stitch all these videos into one to provide an immersive 360 degrees VR experience. The more cameras you choose to use the more stitching is needed. professional-grade videos that use up t0 24 cameras can take hours of processing. AMD Radeon Loom changes the stitching process.

With AMD Radeon Loom you can get real-time online stitching and faster offline stitching as well. AMD Radeon Loom is able to work with up to 24 camera inputs at 4K x 2K in real time. In offline mode, you can use 31 cameras and can support 8K x 4K. This is a great tool for content creators that work with VR videos and 360 degrees content.

AMD Radeon Loom

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