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Report: Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch Port Scheduled for Q2 2017

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch port rumors just won’t go away and now it seems they may actually hold some truth. Not too long ago, Forbes reported that there are chances of Super Mash Bros Wii U port for Nintendo Switch. Nothing else have come up since then but just now, an image leaked online showing the complete schedule for Nintendo Switch presentation.

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Among other games, we can see Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch - Copy

Super Smash Bro will be the perfect addition to Switch library. It is one of the highest rated games on Wii U and can work well on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo promised that there will be news regarding its new gaming machine in January and the company is keeping its promise. Nintendo Switch presentation is dated! According to the announcement made earlier, Nintendo Switch presentation is being held on January 12 and January 13 in Tokyo.

All things Nintendo Switch are going to be there.

The image leak may have spoiled a number of different surprise announcements from Nintendo Switch presentation.

On a related subject, the leak also gave up the release date for Assassin’s Creed Egypt as March 24. AC games have a history of releasing in Fall or Autumn which is an indication that this game is not only exclusive but also a launch window title for Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch will release sometime in March for less than $250.