Report: Nintendo Switch Release Set for Mid-March, Zelda Scheduled for 17th

Nintendo Switch release date is a mystery that will be solved in just a few days by Nintendo. However, it looks like IGN France may have spoiled the news by leaking a document early. The publication’s official Twitter page posted an image showing the complete schedule for Nintendo Switch games that are set for show at the presentation in 3 days.

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According to Nintendo Switch presentation leak, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is releasing on March 17th. The title is presumed to be the launch title for Nintendo Switch which means Switch is also heading our way on March 17th. Even if that is not the case, we can still expect Nintendo Switch to release a day or two ahead of Zelda at most.

Here’s the image posted and deleted by IGN France:

Nintendo Switch

Needless to say, Nintendo is yet to make it official but since the news did come from a reliable source we can get slightly excited about it.

On a related subject, the leak also gave up the release date for Assassin’s Creed Egypt as March 24. AC games have a history of releasing in Fall or Autumn which is an indication that this game is not only exclusive but also a launch window title for Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo promised that there will be news regarding its new gaming machine in January and the company is keeping its promise. Nintendo Switch presentation is dated!

According to the announcement made earlier, Nintendo Switch presentation is being held on January 12 and January 13 in Tokyo.

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