Overwatch Bug Changes Final Score in Favor of Enemy Team

A rather nasty new Overwatch bug has been recently discovered that changes the final score of a game, mostly in favor of the enemy team.

There’s no explanation to how the Overwatch bug works or the method to trigger it. It’s also uncertain as to whether players are directly involved in mischief or if it’s the system itself that gets broken in certain scenarios.

Based on the experience of Reddit user Endjui, the score in the first-half got bugged for no reason. Having pushed the payload all the way, the final score should have been 3-0 in absolute victory. However, the score suddenly counted to 3-4 in favor of the enemy team.

According to the online community, the Overwatch bug is not isolated to a single server or mode. While players have mostly reported the bug during competitive matches, it’s likely that the normal queues are infected as well.

Additionally, players from Korea have also come across the same Overwatch bug. In one instance where the score should have been 1-0 after winning a round of Control, the game turned it into 9-1 in favor of the enemy team. That’s surreal to come across at any point, especially when a ranked rating is involved.

Blizzard has so far yet to acknowledge the reported Overwatch bug. The community has been asking for a quick fix, but the developer’s silence may mean that it is yet to reproduce the bug internally. Before any bug or glitch can be squashed, it needs to be reproduced in order to reach the root cause.

As such, the only solace to be found is in the fact that the Overwatch bug seems to be a rare case. Only a bunch of players from North America and Korea have so far reported altered final scores in their ranked games. We may see the developer respond this week.