Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Available Now For Free

Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod is finally available to download now so fans can enjoy all the mayhem possible in Medici alongside up to 100 other players.

The mod, titled JC3: MP similar to a mod for Just Cause 2, changes Avalanche’s game into a sort of a MMO destruction sandbox where each server can hold up to 100 players. Similar to GTA V, players can explore the world of Medici with friends or take part in competitive events like races and deathmatches.

According to the mod’s website:

Our modification opens the door to incredible multiplayer possibilities including racing, deathmatch, skydiving, roleplaying or free-roam.

The Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod went into beta last month with a trailer highlighting the various possibilities it offers to Just Cause 3 fans.

While the mod may be named similar to JC2:MP, it is actually made by a completely different team of modders. The people who worked on the Just Cause 2 mod were indeed working on Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod at one time, however the lead creator Cameron Foote ended up getting hired by Avalanche Studios.

Back in July, Cameron announced about his new job, working with the very same people who created the game, which is why his Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod project was cancelled. The modding team will however still continue to work on JC2:MP and keep it running for those still playing it.

Whether Cameron will work with Avalanche to release an official multiplayer option for Just Cause 3 or not remains to be seen.

Since JC3: MP isn’t actually an official mod created by the developers and the scale of it is pretty big, some bugs are to be expected however the mod is still in a pretty playable state for fans to try and enjoy with friends.

As of right now, Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod JC3:MP is only available to download from the official website but it might get a Steam Workshop release in the future.