Gigabyte Teases AORUS X9 laptop, A Gaming Prototype

CES 2017 brought in a lots of consumer electronics, from top notch upcoming hardware to futuristic concepts, amidst all the hardware lineup Gigabyte teases AORUS X9 laptop.

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Gigabyte teases AORUS X9 laptop was shown at Gigabyte’s convention CES 2017. Furthermore, spec wise, the graphics card remained undisclosed. However, by the looks of it, it is safe to assume that the laptop will sport a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 SLI arrangement. Which gives exceptionally brilliant performance when small size is key concern. Regarding the keyboard, AORUS X9 will have vivid per key RGB illumination, supporting a lots of transitional effects. From the look of it, it has 17-inch screen panel, which should output in 3K and 4K display while taking advantage of G-Sync by Nvidia.

Not much of details were there to spot on, which includes the weight or dimensions measure. Although the prototype does give a premium look with a touch of sophistication in its design. See for yourself in images below.




Gigabyte is struggling a lot to keep the company float on the surface. A GTX 1080 graphics card by Gigabyte is on its way, and it does feel premium. Besides that company strives hard in bringing in new laptop designs and branded graphics card every year. Few days back, Gigabyte announced its two new gaming laptops to be coming later this year. Check the link above to read more on Gigabyte’s announcement.

Gigabyte is famous for its product. From which includes the re-branding of Nvidia and AMD cards. However, it is interesting to note that, the stock version of cards give low performance against the rebranded versions of Gigabyte cards. Gigabyte cards have the premium look, better cooling system, and additional software to go beyond rated clock speed or accelerated fan speeds.

All in all, Gigabyte teases AORUS X9 laptop is an addition to this year’s hot hardware laptop lineup. We look forward to provide you more information of Aorus X9.