Finder For AirPods App Removed From The App Store By Apple

The main problem that people seem to be having with the Apple AirPods is finding them once they are lost. Since they are so small they can be very easily misplaced. The couch will eat them up sooner or later. The Finder For AirPods app provided some sort of a solution to this problem by telling you if you were getting closer or further away. It was inaccurate but the Finder For AirPods app was better than nothing at all.

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Finder For AirPods

Now it seems that Apple has removed the Finder For AirPods app from the App Store, without any explanation what so ever. It seems that Apple wants people to lose the AirPods so that they will have to buy $69 replacement. It is possible that the inaccuracy of the app was the issue here but that is highly unlikely as there are apps on the store that are simply deceptive or do not work at all.

Finder For AirPods

The interesting thing is that the app was not free. You had to buy the Finder For AirPods app for $3.99 and if you had bought it then you can request to get a refund. Let us know if you had tried out the app and are missing at. What do you think about this move that Apple has made? Does Apple want people to lose the AirPods?