Everyone Will Be a Gamer in the Near Future: Jen-Hsun Huang

The gaming community consists of millions of gamers spread across the entire globe. We all share one passion, gaming! It is what connects us across the seven seas as we play together as a team.

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The community as well as the industry is rapidly growing. Technological advancements have reached a point where the level of immersion is beyond anyone could have imagined a decade ago. It is a dynamic environment where there is something for everyone. At our core, us humans are all gamers, at least that’s what Jen-Hsun Huang believes.

It’s his believe that assures him that the community and the industry still has a chance of growing by a factor of 10. According to Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia boss:

We had a keynote yesterday, and I talked about three things. The first thing I talked about is that PC gaming and GeForce are thriving. It’s thriving for a lot of reasons. PC gaming is the only gaming platform that’s global. It’s global by design. It’s global by economics. It’s global because it’s based on the PC. It’s based on an essential tool for humanity. People want to buy a lot of things, but people need to buy a PC.

He added:

I also made the point that almost every human is a gamer. I believe that my parents’ generation, none of them were gamers, but my children’s children’s generation, everyone will be a gamer. And yet there are only several hundred million gamers in the world today, which suggests that gaming still has the opportunity to grow by a factor of 10. Gaming is thriving. It’s a global business. Everyone is going to be a gamer.

It is not just PC, consoles are seeing slow but steady growth as well and what can we say about the mobile market, booming. Recent stats show that PS4 has managed to sell over 54 million units since its release in 2013. In the holiday season alone, over 50 million copies of physical and digital games were sold on PS4.

PC is the biggest platform in the world and will always take point. For the industry to grow, it is necessary that PC keeps growing.

Source: Venturebeat