Nintendo DS Exclusive Lock’s Quest Gets Rated For PS4, Xbox One and PC

Lock’s Quest, a 2008 real time strategy game exclusive to Nintendo DS might be getting a current generation port soon if the recent rating from Germany’s USK rating board is any indication.

Lock’s Quest was developed by 5th Cell and published by THQ as a Nintendo DS exclusive. The game featured RTS and tower defense gameplay mechanics as well as including a multiplayer mode besides the usual singleplayer one.

The game was set in a fantasy kingdom with players taking on the role of Lock, fighting against an army of clockwork robots laying siege to the kingdom.

While both the original developer and publisher are no longer functional, the rights to Lock’s Quest were acquired by Nordic Games when THQ went bankrupt. Now it seems that THQ Nordic might be creating a remastered port for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Given THQ Nordic’s recent remasters and ports of multiple old games, it is likely that a remastered port might actually be in development despite no official announcement from the company.

However, until there is an official announcement, this news should be taken with a grain of salt as it could simply be a glitch from the German rating board’s side.

Despite being somewhat of a different game for the platform and audience it was released for, Lock’s Quest was critically well received upon its launch in 2008, even if the reception didn’t actually end up helping immensely with the sales.

The game had a Metacritic score of 80 with many praising the way it merged and evolved both the RTS and tower defense genre. The combat was divided into a Build and Battle phase like many other tower defense titles.

The original game launched for $30, so if a port is actually in development and THQ Nordic does end up releasing it on PS4, Xbox One and PC, it is likely that the price will be similar, if not a bit higher.