Counter-Strike Player Provokes Ire of Community After “LAN Dodging”

Recent actions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Warren “Hades” Rettich have placed his team, subtLe, in serious jeopardy.

The player failed to get a visa for the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) in China next week, despite being reminded by his management well-before the deadline. While Hades himself claims to have submitted an application to enter the region, team member Ellis “els” Clay believes it’s all a lie.

In a lengthy Twitter post, the infuriated player called out Hades for “LAN Dodging” and expressed great disappointment in his actions. He further revealed that Hades was continuously being reminded to apply for the visa as far back as December 20. As such, the shunned player could not produce any shred of evidence (visa photo, forms, etc) to validate his claims of ever applying in the first place.

SubtLe is scheduled to play the WESG Counter-Strike finals in a significantly tough group, against the likes of Virtus Pro, Epsilon and EnVyUs. It’s believed that Hades began having second thoughts of competing once the groups were revealed.

SubtLe was already handicapped for the tournament with its player Paul “Nerdy” Gill getting banned by Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) a couple of weeks back. To make matters worse, Hades only revealed that he would be sitting it out a day before they were departing for China. The team must now play using two stand-ins, with head coach Matt “knc1” Arnold filling in to replace Hades.

The controversy provoked the ire of many professionals in the North American esports community. Several have requested tournament organizers to ban Hades from all future events. Individuals from other games too voiced their opinions that players should “man up” and not put their teams in a rut just because they are “afraid” of playing against someone better.

WESG will commence from January 12 and will be a stern test for the Canadian team which finished second in the Americas qualifier.