Drastic Changes Coming for Hearthstone Classic Cards

In the past couple of years we’ve seen Blizzard periodically tackle cards from the oldest Hearthstone expansion packs. By focusing on newer content, the developer keeps the meta fresh by forcing players to reforge their decks with recently released cards.

However, the original set of cards have always remained untouched. Known as the Classic set, these are the cards that arrived with the release of Hearthstone in 2014.

Blizzard’s decision to keep the Classic set intact has in turn effected certain classes such as Druid who have always been dependent on some of the original cards in every deck. This includes cards like Innervate and Wild Growth which are extremely advantageous for a Druid player.

As such, players have often criticized the developer for keeping the Classic set ever-green. The cause of concern wouldn’t be there if all classes shared a common benefit. Since only certain classes are able to take advantage, there’s a shift of balance in gameplay.

According to a series of posts by game director Ben Brode, the Hearthstone team is fully aware of the situation revolving around the original set of cards. Blizzard is not opposed to making drastic changes and there are plans to rotate some of the classic cards.

“There are some benefits to keeping Basic and Classic cards in Standard,” he wrote. “People take breaks from Hearthstone, and being able to jump right back in with a few cards you already own and understand makes that experience a lot better.”

Brode continued that unfortunately, the idea works against the big goal of keeping the game fresh every year. “If Basic and Classic cards are still appearing in large densities year after year, we will not be achieving our goals for Standard,” he explained. “We could see more nerfs, or we might rotate some additional classic cards to Wild, like we did with Old Murk Eye.”

Perhaps we’ll hear more about the new changes in the weeks to come.

VIA DotEsports