AMD’s Upcoming Zen CPU (Ryzen) Architecture To Remain Relevant For 4 Years

AMD’s upcoming Zen CPU lineup is all the talk these days, mainly because of the performance it offers especially when factoring in the disappointing Bulldozer CPU series.

Now, the company has announced that they are planning to keep Zen CPU as their main architecture for the next 4 years.

While that has always pretty much been the case with AMD, unlike Intel their CPU architecture stays in the market for a decent number of years, however this time it seems that the Zen CPU lineup might actually stay relevant for those 4 years.

CPU design is at somewhat of a plateau right now and even Intel’s new offerings haven’t seen much of a performance boost over the last 4 years.

Judging by the performance which Zen CPU architecture seems to be offering right now, it is highly possible they will walk away with staying on the same architecture for the next few years and even manage to gain back the market share which is currently dominated by Intel.

According to an earlier released roadmap by AMD, Zen+ is set to launch around 2019 built on the same Zen architecture.

What the company has planned after that is unclear but if they manage to stay relevant for these 4 years and people start preferring AMD CPUs over Intel’s Core series, it is highly likely that AMD’s next offering might be another hit.

During CES, AMD offered a showcase of their Ryzen CPU, as part of the Zen CPU lineup, coupled with the upcoming Vega GPU series to demonstrate Doom gameplay at 4K. The system managed to output up to 75 frames per second showing the real potential of AMD’s upcoming CPU and GPU series.

Some recent leaked images suggest the Ryzen processor has a clockspeed of 3.6Ghz and there are rumors that it could reach up to 5Ghz. Whether it is true or not remains to be seen but there won’t be any confirmation until the CPU is actually launched, for which there is no fixed date yet.