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AMD Vega GPU Pictures Shared, See the Beast in Action Here

We talked about the AMD Vega GPU that was able to run Doom at the ultra preset at 4K resolution at 60 FPS but we did not know what the GPU looked like. Until now that is. Here is what the PC looks from the inside. Know that the final product will not have tape on it, if that was now already obvious. This was shown at the CES 2017 event and rest assured that this is not the finished product and AMD is still working on improving it.

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As of right now, the AMD Vega GPU looks like the RX 480 but a little longer. That is because it has an additional add-on at the moment which will not be present in the consumer version. This device allows engineers to monitor the signals running through the GPU. Which is the AMD Vega GPU in this case.

The pricing has not been disclosed and all we know about the availability is that it will be coming out in the first half of 2017. That is all that AMD are revealing at the moment.

We have seen what this AMD Vega GPU is capable of and there is still more to come. We will see what the finished product has to offer. The CPU in question also has a Ryzen chip so we know that this AMD Vega GPU and the Ryzen chip work great together. After a long time, we have seen some major improvements over the previous generation CPU architecture.


We have seen what Ryzen can do paired with Vega and it is possible that 2017 would be great for making an all AMD gaming PC. AMD will not only be bringing the heat on Nvidia but on Intel as well. All that remains to be seen is the pricing. Once AMD gets that right there is no turning back. Let us know what you think about this AMD Vega GPU.