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Project Cars 2 Might Launch In September 2017, Will Feature Improved Physics, Handling And More

Project Cars is one of the most visually appealing racing video games in the market. While Slightly Mad Studios has announced that Project Cars 2 is in development back in 2015 still the studio is very silent about the game’s development and the release window.

However, seems like we will be hearing about Project Cars 2 soon if the teasing posts of CEO Ian Bell on the game’s official forums are anything to go by. Bell posted on the forum that Project Cars 2 is nearing its completion and the studio has already started quality assurance testing which is expected to last seven months.

This suggests that the game could potentially release this fall as Bell himself said that expect it in September but still it is just a guess. However, considering it has been two years since the launch of Project Cars it seems a little early for the sequel.

He further revealed that none of the car brands will be missing from the game this time, meaning we will see Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini in the sequel. He added that the game will also feature improvements to the physics engine and the handling has also been transformed in a good way.

We have rewritten the rendering system. We have added multiple newly written and very important modules to the physics, drivetrain, differential and tyre modeling systems. The FFB system is now much more intuitive and comes with presets. The handling is transformed, in a very very good way. I’m biased I know but right now in the latest build I have, those cars that have all of the new systems in place have raised the bar for simulation… and this is before they are polished.

Are you excited for Project Cars 2? What features would you like to see in the sequel? Let us know in the comments.