Rumor: You’ll Be Able To Play As Octolings In Splatoon Nintendo Switch Port

With the Nintendo Switch now getting closer and closer to release, and with more information being released about it all the time, a new rumor has popped up: that you’ll be able to play as Octolings in Splatoon, Nintendo’s team-based third-person “shooter” that will be getting a Switch port of its own.

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Splatoon first came out for the Wii U in 2015 and was immediately one of the most popular games on the console, with an enormous number of players that have remained active despite the game mainly being a multiplayer-only game. While it did have a “single player” campaign, that was one of the more criticized areas of the game due to being a series of what was essentially obstacle courses with a few bosses and no real story to it.

Regardless, the possibility of playing Octolings in Splatoon would likely be a fairly popular decision, considering that they barely appear in the game (they’ll only show up if you play the “single player” mode and have no presence in multiplayer). With all of the various customization options you can give your Squidlings, it’s likely that you’d be able to do all of the same customization (if not more) in the Switch port.

Various leakers have said that along with playable Octolings in Splatoon, the Nintendo Switch port of the game will come with more free DLC and more new content, which would likely include new maps, new weapons, and new customization options, along with more game modes (including, according to Nintendo leaker Laura Kate Dale, a 1 v 1 mode intended for when you’re using the portable version of the Switch).

Whether this would include Octolings remains to be seen, but considering that a good number of Splatoon fans have expressed interest in having Octolings as part of the game, it might be a very plausible rumor.

The Nintendo Switch won’t be coming out until around the middle of the year, so if there is a Splatoon Switch port with Octolings, we’ll likely find out then.