Intel Introduces Compute Card, A Wallet Sized PC

Technology is shrinking by every year, bit by bit, and the major contributor of shrinking the technology and bringing in more innovation to small size is none other, but, Intel, who recently announced Compute card. It is a PC that fits in your pocket, it is merely size of a credit card, just bit more thick than that.

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Intel introduced its latest mini-computer at CES recently. The name of the device is Compute Card and it is so small, thin, it appears as a bulgy credit card. The Compute Card is full blown computer, consisting of 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor, memory, Bluetooth, storage and wireless connectivity.

However, the Compute Card acts as a carrier. It has all the chipset and hardware a computer needs. But, regardless of that it is directly not a computer itself. The device will not be up for sell directly to consumers, says intel. Instead, Intel said it will sell tiny machine to manufacturers so as to fit into other devices. This means that, the card will have potential to extend the life of older gadgets.

Physically, the card measures about 3.7 inches (9.4cm) by 2.2 inches (5.6cm) and just 0.2 inches thickness. Furthermore, No USB or other ports can accommodate into Compute Card design, says Intel. Hence, the Compute Card requires other devices to operate. As Intel says, “It works by plugging into a slot in a larger device, similar to smart cards.

Moreover, Intel believes that Compute Card is the future for large scale devices and gadgets. Because, it can be slotted into robots, drones, digital signs and other products. Plus, upgrading to latest PCs for latest processor power will only require plug-in functionality of new Compute Card.

Regarding the availability, Intel said it will start shipping in mid-2017. Furthermore, Intel is working with manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Sharp to build specialized slots into devices. Which includes PCs, home appliances like fridges, security cameras etc.

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