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Hacker Finds A Way To Install New Games To NES Classic

If you are one of those lucky people who managed to get their hands on NES Classic then chances are that you are bored with the pre-installed games on the console by now. On top of that Nintendo has clarified that the console will not receive any more games.

However, a Russian hacker has found a way to install new games to NES Classic using USB cable. The solution will not work until users have created a save file in Super Mario Bros’ first slot. Once the save file is created, connect the console to your PC via micro-USB cable and boot the NES Classic in “FEL” mode.

To boot the console in FEL mode just hold down the system’s reset button while pushing down the power button from a powered-off state. While you will be booting, run “sunxi-FEL” interface on your computer.

It is important to mention that from this point forward the rest of the steps easily qualify for operate at your own risk category. Now you have to copy the NES Classic’s internal data to your computer and modifying and adding files using the hacker’s application.

Doing so requires you to give your own ROM files. Now Once you have added your game files you will have to repack the hardware’s kernel and then completely flash the hardware yourself. It is important to mention doing this step could result in bricked NES Classic if something unexpected happens.

If everything goes according to the plan then you will see every single game that you have added in the default interface.

Also, this hack has been available for a short while so it still remains to be seen that how these games will perform on NES Classic.