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DICE: Battlefield 1 Private Servers Very Close To Completion

According to a statement from Ali Hassoon, an employee of DICE, Battlefield 1 private servers are very close to being finalized and implemented in the game, allowing players to set up their own private matches that will be invite-only, allowing them to pick and choose the gamers that end up getting in.

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With games that rely on public servers like the Battlefield games and other multiplayer shooters, there’s always the risk of running into untrustworthy (or just plain unpleasant) players. With private servers, individual clans can play against one another without having to worry about hackers or idiots that flood the chat with screaming about how everyone is hacking because they keep being killed.

While the Battlefield 1 private servers are indeed close to completion, they still have to go through the game’s public test realm before they can be officially implemented, which means they have to get all of the kinks worked out of them. Another thing that will be missing at the start is detailed player stats, though they will be added later.

Battlefield 1’s previous efforts with people being able to make their own private servers haven’t gone well: the game’s rent-a-server process had previously gotten a large amount of criticism for being buggy, laggy and with a whole host of other problems.

While EA and DICE don’t appear to be ready to release those Battlefield 1 private servers at the moment, hopefully they will be ready fairly quickly so that players that are having bad luck with getting matches that they’d find enjoyable can team up with their clans and have matches where everyone is a good sport and no one hacks.

Battlefield 1 is playable on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and it’s likely that all three of the available platforms will be able to have private servers.