AMD Vega 10, Vega 20 slides Leaked, Vega 10 X2 Planned

Less the official information more the leaks is all the mantra CES 2017 is giving out, the new slide leaks by tells the information on upcoming AMD Vega 10, Vega 20 and future plan for Vega series. However the slides were circulated internally in last months of 2016, which means slides are authentic. But, some information or marketing names will be outdated.

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Vega 10

The information of slides tells that Vega 10 GPU is aimed at launch in first half of 2017. This coincides with official announcement of AMD to release its first Vega GPU in first half of 2017. Moreover, the GPU consists of 14nm node, featuring 24 TeraFlops of 16-bit Float. And, now updated to 25 TeraFlops. As well as, the 12 TeraFlops of 32-bit Float is now updated to 12.5 TeraFlops. 1/16th rate indicates the double precision performance of Vega 10 GPU. Which is 650 GFlops. The card will consume 225 Watts of Power. The slide mentions 2 stack HBM2 512GB/s of bandwidth at 16GB. For more information, check out the slide image below.

Vega 10

Vega 10 X2

Not much information is detailed in the slide that differentiaties Vega 10 from Vega 10 X2. However, the two differences are easy to spot on from the slide. First, Vega 10 X2 will be a 4 Stack HBM2 at 1TB/s. However, Vega 10 is 2 Stack HBM2 at 512GB/s. Second, Vega 10 X2 requires a significant large power supply, slide mentions 300 Watts. But, Vega 10 is limited at 225 Watts. Check out the slide above.

Vega 20

The slide cites Vega 20 to launch in second half of 2018, now that’s a long shot. It will be a 7nm chip with 64 compute units. However, regardless of small chip size the GPU will be a PCI-Express 4.0 interface and 4 stacks of HBM2. Power requirement estimation falls in 150-300 Watts. For more, check out the slide below.

vega 20

Furthermore, AMD Vega 10, Vega 20 slides are merely leaks of chunk of data, which AMD has planned months ago. It should be noted that the information may or may not be changed.