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AMD Ryzen Clockspeeds Leaked At 3.6 GHz

This year’s CES is bringing in all kinds of innovation, tech, concepts and models to a level required for technology leap, however, gamers are more concentric towards AMD and Nvidia for definite reasons, with AMD’s conference done, a leak suggests that AMD Ryzen clockspeeds achieved 3.6 GHz.

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The source leak came from a German site. According to them, Doom ran at 4K ultra settings, 60 fps on a Ryzen CPU and Vega GPU. Plus, it used an API called AMD Volcano. This preset achieved was without any optimization. What is interesting here to note is that CPU, GPU combo actually catches up with GTX 1080, which is Nvidia’s second most powerful GPU. The Vega GPU is reported to be a 8GB memory card and featured HBM2 type memory.


Much like GPU, the CPU part is also worth noticing. Back in December 2016, at the reveal of AMD Ryzen there were some speculations in air about the max CPU frequencies. Recently, there was a rumor going around that AMD Ryzen clockspeeds could reach to 5GHz on air cooling alone. However, the recent samples tell a different story, that most models could reach more than 3.4 GHz. Note that these are just leaks and samples and that there can be changes in the final product. See below the 3.6 GHz clock frequency shown in device manager of PC.

ryzen clockspeed

Currently, information is merely leak or unofficial. We will come to know more about AMD Ryzen clockspeeds and Vega GPUs once AMD starts rolling out official information. Till then these sample from the source are all we have to think and ponder upon power level AMD Ryzen and Vega GPU will offer in a machine. Moreover, This may or maynot be an ultimate machine: Ryzen and Vega combo, only time will tell.